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政綱要點 Salient Points of Platform

12 林筱魯


1. 加速土地房屋供應,完善交通及社區配套

Expedite land and housing supplies with adequate transport and community supporting facilities

2. 強化香港角色,貢獻大灣區整體競爭力提升

Strengthen Hong Kong's role in the Greater Bay Area to contribute to the raising of its overall competitiveness

3. 促進文化、藝術、體育發展,培育青年身心;說好香港和中國故事

Promote cultural, arts and sports development to nurture younger generations. To tell the "China Story" and "Hong Kong Story".

4. 創新城市管理系統,提高生活環境質素

Establish smart city management system to raise living quality in all aspects

5. 整頓行政系統,真正做到施政為民

Transform public administration to ensure a "for the people" government

| 製作日期:2021年11月22日 | 1份 |

| 香港灣仔道113號得利商業大廈23A室 |

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