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Esmond Lee 李建英:我認識的林筱魯

12 林筱魯


I wrote this in my personal capacity. Andrew LAM Siu Lo is a person of integrity and dedication which are two important attributes of a fit and proper Legislative Council member. Andrew's administrative experience and knowledge in town planning, development project management, and heritage should give a good balance of views for advising and deciding (through approving the funding in the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council) on the future development strategy of Hong Kong and its role in the Greater Bay Area generally. From past record, Andrew is a man of substance and action, thus whatever will be recommended by Andrew are likely to be feasible and implementable.

My personal view on the next several years is that the Legislative Council should work in collaboration with the Government as Hong Kong is now embarking on such huge development projects as the North Metropolis and reclaiming the sea for island building. The other function of the Legislative Council - check and balance should at most be of only secondary importance. In light of this new paradigm, Andrew with all his skill in overcoming difficulties in project implementation could be a valuable asset to the Legislative Council if he is being elected by the Electoral College to be a Legislative Council member.

Lee Kin Ying, Esmond

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