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Dr CH Leong:我認識的林筱魯

12 林筱魯


Support Message from Dr Leong Che Hung
15 November 2021

I am delighted that Andrew Lam has decided to seek for a seat in the Legislative Council in the forthcoming election. I wish him every success as it would mean a dedicated voice in the administrative hierarchy of HKSAR; a voice which is rational; a voice to monitor and advise on government’s policy to its execution; a voice to build a better HK, and a genuine voice that is patriotic for loving our mother country and Hong Kong (愛國愛港).

Please support him!

I have known Andrew since the late 80’s when he constantly advised me on my work in the Legislative Council, and suggested actions on how to get things done in the government and the constituency. Andrew is, in my mind, someone who has a most sensitive political acumen. He could “smell” what is coming. A man with unblemished integrity, he is committed to all he has promised.

Actions speak louder than words, Andrew’s passion to serve the society is exemplified by the number of Government advisory and statutory boards that he has been repeatedly appointed to either as member or chairperson, many extremely demanding, and he delivers!

Not voting for Andrew is not doing justice to Hong Kong.

Dr CH Leong

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